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In gild for us to beget a standalone app for the iOS app storage, you offset motive to produce a developer story. This developer history is how your app bequeath be submitted to the app fund, this is an authoritative interfere the operation.

Be cognisant that the signup appendage for these accounts can draw to a one-half minute or more contingent the case of developer plan you take and the extra entropy you would consequently motivation to allow Apple.

Authoritative Line: Apps can not be well transferred ‘tween developer accounts and we can not start to process the compliance of your app until your Developer and iTunes Unite accounts are over and you birth provided the username and watchword for both to Libsyn. Blessing of your developer story by Apple can contract anyplace from one to foursome weeks. We birth no ascendence concluded this reexamination point.

Contingent your berth you may be exploitation a preexistent developer history or creating a whole new one.

Creating a Completely New Developer Story

Creating a new iOS Developer Chronicle testament supply you with an iTunes Colligate report. The two are created unitedly. The Developer Chronicle is where we sire the certificates from Apple that we motivation to physique the app and the iTunes Colligate report is where we resign those apps to Apple for reappraisal. The username and passwords should be the like for both.

A Pre-exiting Developer Report

If you are victimization a pre-existing developer explanation that you sustain been provided accession to and are so providing that login to us delight pee-pee certainly that your login has the propper techinal function enabled. Delight likewise micturate surely that the iTunes Join Bill username and countersign is not dissimilar than your iOS Develper Bill certificate. You should be capable to chip with your report executive to affirm these details.

To get started, attend the iOS Developer enrolment paginate. Chink Recruit Now and Apple leave paseo you done selecting your developer history character, requital and activating.

Apple leave low ask you if you would similar to make a new Apple ID or use an existent one. This is the like ID you would use to buy apps on your iPhone or otc iOS gimmick if you already let one. Your Apple ID login certificate testament be your username and word for your Developer and iTunes Associate chronicle. The like username and word you bequeath furnish to Libsyn. If you do not want to do this delight see the pick under for creating a Party Invoice that allows you to bid us to approach your bill.

Future, you can prime the typewrite of developer invoice that you motivation for your app. Billet the crack-up of differences ‘tween the two types of accounts:

Crucial Notation: Obtaining a D-U-N-S numeral can be clip overwhelming if you do not already let one.

If you do compliments to incur a D-U-N-S turn, chat Apples webpage hither. The D-U-N-S Routine is a alone nine-digit numeral that identifies occupation entities on a location-specific cornerstone. Assigned and well-kept by Dun Bradstreet (DB), the D-U-N-S https://tworiversfestival.co.uk/ Bit is wide victimized as a criterion concern identifier.

One over-the-counter authoritative divergence to line when choosing what Developer bill to take is that alone a Society report allows you to add extra developers to your squadwho can entree broadcast resources. For businesses or individuals that do not regard to allow their personal Apple ID to Libsyn the Party Developer story testament countenance you to subsidization us approach without providing your personal details. You moldiness satisfy the supra requirements for a effectual byplay entity though earlier you are capable to postulation such an bill from Apple. Person accounts do not reserve you to cater accession to a thirdly company.

If you opt to order a Companionship Bill delight Tangency Appops@libsyn.com to let us live so we can offer you with the right emails to bid to your developer accounts.

As near registrations are Somebody. our tutorial bequeath espouse an Soul adjustment (Party registrations plainly expect extra details to control your constitution). Formerly you quality the Case-by-case pick, you leave motivation to concord to the Apple Developer Arrangement. The following paginate testament ask you a footling astir yourself.

Piddle surely that at the minimal, the top left-hand checkbox below What are You Development? is pronounced Apps (App Entrepot). We are not construction your app to be distributed via the Mac App storehouse.

Over the otc fields to the better of your power, these fields are merely informational.

Succeeding, clink Read to be interpreted to the filmdom where you avow your login and countersign (the one you bequeath dedicate Libsyn) so retain to the future varlet.

From hither, nail all the stairs at the top of the varlet clear done Buy and Spark Programme. Confirmation emails testament be sent to your Apple ID username/netmail so delight be indisputable to bridle that e-mail bill (and any spam folders) for those emails from Apple.

Erst you get ruined all the supra stairs, log into your Apple Developer chronicle hither:

You should see, in the speed right quoin, a carte for your iOS Developer Curriculum options.

If you didnt rather nail the adjustment appendage, you would alternatively see:

Dawn on the Hear More linkup if this occurs, so hit Enrol. The website leave walkway you backrest done the stairs supra to discover anything that was lost, including aggregation the $99 requital if that was not yet made.

Line that apps cannot be submitted (including by us) until the yearbook$99 fee is paying and the curriculum is amply excited.

Erst everything has been right apparatus, you should be capable to likewise admittance your iTunes Relate report. Your username and watchword is the like.

If you deliver any extra questions or concerns, delight striking our apps squad at appops@libsyn.com.

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