DDoS Protection Solution for Dedicated Servers

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to render a server until it stops responding, and becomes unreachable from the outside network. As a result, DDoS protection is important to all dedicated server plan.

YesUpHost offers well-organized DDoS protection in real-time utilizing the latest technologies to provide security against all attacks including TCP SYN Flood Attack, teardrop attacks, Smurf IP Attack, UDP Flood Attack, ICMP Flood Attack, peer-to-peer DDoS attacks etc.

Basic Professional Enterprise
Price $599 Per month $ 999 Per month $1,999 Per month
Monthly Transfer 1GB 3GB 6GB
Monthly DDSTransfer 1000Gb 3000GB 6000GB
Port Scan Flood Protection included included included
HTTP Flood Protection included included included

Note: If the users exceed the monthly limit, YesUpHost will charge $599 per every 0.5M packet or every 1000MB transfer.

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