FS 15: HUD v2

This can be not a bit early but I desired to reply in-case anyone else came upon this site and found that the very best reply was a little off. The machine merely a tad bit has been increased by me can be an enhancement although note, it is nonetheless not incredibly safe. First prepare your password salts record Consider your result output and $userhash and put them in two text documents: pass.txt and user.txt, respectively. Others have proposed putting these text files away above public html but.htaccess was just applied by me and located them in a directory named “material” Currently the hash can not be peeked in to by anyone. Up is your index.php: I hope this helps anyone, since it helped me. Cheers premier. ) If it’s incorrect I’d merely choose a $ GET variable and redirect the consumer. Currently, if this page is located at state /secrets/files.php Now you can access it with: techniques/files.php?pass=my-secret-password Keep in mind that this is not one of the way that is most efficient or secure, but nonetheless it is a way that is easy and quick.

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(Also, I am aware my remedy is obsolete but somebody else looking at this concern may find it important) Responded Aug 12’14 at 20:04 Not the clear answer, but also for your attention: HTTP verification works, when PHP goes as Apache module. Most hosters offer PHP as CGI model onlyswered Nov 7’10 at 4:43 If you want you can even allow it to be thus merely ipaddresses that are particular could login. ) really easy with lighttpd Update: I’ll post some examples soon, consequently don’t vote along for no examples, I simply have to get some down. If you prefer to utilize periods the following is the way that is better to go: This method does not contain the illustrations for above however, this process was seamed not uninterested in by you. One other technique examples remain ahead, I have not got time that is the full to acquire it for configurations that are lighttpd or cleanmy mac apache along with the header auth – can doswered Nov 20’10 at 2:25 This save me long, its user friendly and served me a lot, and work very well, I have perhaps consider the risque of change it and it still performs. Fairly good should you dont wish to lost to enough time on doing it:) Responded Mar 4’15 at 17:24 Modified. (Ok its been a little while but nevertheless I Fundamentally what I did so here’s make a page all in one php file where whenever you enter the password if its right it carry the stuff guarded forward and will conceal the code display. After which heres the css which is really an aspect that is important because it makes the sessions that cover and display the different parts of the page.

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