Ready-To-Go Server List

Ready to Go setup is easier than 1 – 2 – 3. These dedicated servers are pre – built to fit your needs while using the best hardware out there. Experience our fast and reliable dedicated server by following 3 easy steps:

  • 1. Order the package that fit your needs
  • 2. Sign in/Sign up to our YesUp Central Account.
  • 3. Confirm the purchase form and submit it to us.

Ready to Go dedicated servers are active upon purchase and will be ready to use within minutes. Don’t believe us? Try us today.

CPU Core Memory Storage OS UpLink Bandwidth Panel Price

All our Dedicated Servers operate in YesUp's Green Datacenter that guarantees our technology to be environmentally friendly. With our own datacenter, we ensure 99% uptime, minimal latency, as well as high upload and download speeds to ALL OUR DEDICATED SERVERS. To learn more about our Green Datacenter, please click here.